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Paul Graham on the ‘Elite’ class…

September 11, 2007

I’ve always felt that IIT’s and IIM’s are hyped…

Now, you can of course say that this is because I didn’t  join one… 🙂 

But seriously, how much you gain out of a college really depends on you, rather than the college, or the Prof’s. Now, in Indian scenario, this varies a little. The gap in quality of professors in IIT’s and just below that, is huge…unlike US.

Paul Graham has validated these thoughts with the experience he had in Y Combinator…as always, very interesting and thought provoking to read.


Hello world!

June 24, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

ब्लॉगर अब हिंदी में !!!

April 19, 2007

अब मैं हिंदी में लिख सकता हूँ। बिना झंझट के। यह ब्लॉगर तो कमाल कि चीज है! बराहा कि कोई जरुरत नही। 🙂

हे लवकरच मराठीत व्हाय्ला पाहिजे (Semantic word detection will not work in Marathi right now…even though the font is same।)

Why Not not start a startup

April 18, 2007

Paul Graham of Y-Combinators has written an excellent article He tries to address the concerns that typically one has about starting up…16 of them. Very objectively and logically written. A must read.

Guy is a wonderful guy ! This guy called Guy Kawas…

April 10, 2007

Guy is a wonderful guy !
This guy called Guy Kawasaki really writes well…I recently came to know about him and have been a big fan since then…currently going through his archive…

Here’s a gem on the technique of bootstrapping (working with little resources and slowly gaining momentum without spending much) to be applied to startups…