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Indian Tech Starups…a roundup…

August 10, 2007

First blog on my new home… 🙂

A roundup of Indian tech startups…a gist of what I have been reading for past few weeks…


What they do
Burrp, JustDial, Mkhoj, Onyomo, MGinger, Myzus, Moveo, ValueFirst Local search. Burrp is more lifestyle services oriented. All are getting into mobile/SMS based services. JustDial is more into call centre interface and certainly have a head-start. mKhoj is primaily into localized deals and discount offerings. Onyomo is primarily local search. mGinger is trying to apply chain marketing to SMS media. They pay a few bucks for every SMS Ad read by a user. Not sure how willing an advertiser would be, when he knows his ads might be getting read just for the sake of a few bucks. Also, this will be popular only in young not-earning-but-want-to-spend crowd (say age 16-20). Moveo is into mobile VAS applications.

Ticket booking & Movie rental
Bookeazy, Movietell,
Ticket booking online. Bookmyshow is recent entrant from the house of Media giant TV18. Others will have a very tough time competing with them.
Seventymm, Madhouse DVD rental online (Indian Netflix). Madhouse has been acquired by Seventymm. They also have very good funding. With a clear-cut revenue model, they look set for a big success.

MakeMyTrip, Yatra, TravelGuru ,Ezeego and so on… Travel services online. Biggest revenue category, dog fight going on. All are very similar to each other.
Travenues (iXigo), Zoomtra, Inasra Travel search engines. They parse all the above sites and give users structured output. I believe they work on lead generation revenues. Inasra is focusing on Hotel bookings.

Financial services
Apnaloan, InsuranceMall Apnaloan connects borrowers with banks. The site looks very crappy to me. 😐
InsuranceMall is an insurance selling site. They are part of some insurance brokerage firm called Bonsai. I dont know why, but they dont sell life insurance online. IRDA restrictions?

Real Estate Search

99acres, Jaidad, IndiaProperty
Real Estate B2C classifieds.
Is there some scope for a vertical search engine here? 🙂

SpotEazy, ShoppingTadka, OffersForShoppers Shopping deals search engines. Most of these are present only in a city or two right now…but all of them intend to expand nationwide very soon…ShoppingTadka yet to launch.

Global players
SlideShare Share PowerPoint presentations. They now have the one & only, Guy Kawasaki, on board. Look very much set for success.
Web office suite. Their products are superb, and are certainly ahead of their Google counterparts.

Social Networking
MingleBox, Yaari, Sixer.TV, BigAdda, SERaja Social networking. MingleBox has early mover advantage. BigAdda is a late entrant from Reliance. SERaja is events-based networking.

Photo sharing & printing
Picsquare, iTasweer Photo sharing and printing. There are several other players here. Very crowded. iTasweer has struck a deal with Microsoft for having their service integrated with Vista.
Komli, Tyroo, Ozone Ad networks. Yahoo picked up stake in Tyroo. Komli is working on a product in this space.

Myntra User created designs (T-shirts, Mugs, Caps etc.). Goos that these guys have a clean & simple revenue model, especially because advertising model has not yet generated a lot of money in India. I didnt get the name though…is it a twist to ‘Mantra’?
Maps & GPS
RouteGuru Road directions, the good old way, using landmarks. Very ‘Indian’ way of solving the problem.


Similar to Google Maps. I guess they act as content providers to a lot of other sites.

Sulekha Sulekha has an early mover advantage here.