Chak De !!!

Awesome movie…

After a long time, I was totally engrossed in the movie…totally involved…emotionally…

Hats off to this new director…Shimit Amin…his and his entire team’s efforts show up in the movie…and hockey looks like real hockey…of course they’ve selected the crew accordingly…good there are no glossy-glitzy heroins…so viewer really focuses on the theme… 🙂

It pinpoints exactly the problems that’ve crippled Indian sports for so many years…and creates a soft corner for all the oppressed groups…for female players who get oppressed and ignored by their relatives…for backword states like Jharkhand whose players can’t speak either Hindi or English properly, and don’t even have proper clothes to wear…for Hockey as a game in general, which in spite of being our national game, has always lived in the shadow of Cricket…and for minority religions like Muslims, who have always been tagged as pro-pakistan without looking at individual attitudes…

All of these interwened fantastically…

No rubbish item songs…no unnecessary skin display…and most importantly…in spite of having Shahrukh in a very dominating role…no melo drama…I mean, of course, the movie has loads of drama…but they don’t go overboard…

A must watch…!!!


One Response to “Chak De !!!”

  1. Sanjay Says:

    I completely agree with your review. Have posted a similar one myself. After a long time, a Hindi movie touched me positively. And yes, I admire the director for the effort he has put in to make the hockey matches look so realistic. Kudos also to the producer for supporting this venture, and then promoting it extensively! They took a risk and it worked very well for them. I am just amazed that this movie will not represent India at the Oscars, but then, I guess that is another story!

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