Adieu to my wisdom tooth and Harry Potter…

I am only half as dumb as I was yesterday now…after losing one of the 2 wisdom teeth…(I was already half mad as the other two have never shown up…:)
Wasn’t as painful as I had imgined though…in fact…there was no pain at all…thanks to Dr. Karmarkar…

Took my chance to delve into the seventh HP book…and cried after a lot many years while reading a book… 🙂 dont really remember when I had been so engrossed for nearly 2 full days in a book…the ending chapters are absolutely wonderful…

Thank you J. K. Rowlling…

Don’t know how die hard Harry Potter fans would live now…without the excitement of ‘what happens next’…when a casual reader like me got so engrossed…may be as Sherlock Holmes was resuccrected on popular demand…Harry will reveal more of his life…but looks very unlikely looking at the clearcut epilogue…with all our young friends living a healthy happy family life…


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